Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its a trilamb party!

Mon cheri,

Holy vache! I've just heard the most spectacular news! We're having a slumber party tomorrow night?! Thank goodness I found out at this early hour, as there are considerable preparations to be made. TO DO:

Get materials for friendship bracelets
Buy the game Girl Talk
Figure out how we can make s'mores in our apartment and procure the makings

Rent Jacob's ladder
Compile mixed CD with Regina and Rent and that song "I don't want, anybody else, when I think about you, etc, etc."

Oh, Den, I went through this magic phase in Morocco, in which I really wanted to be proficient in the craft or art or whatever it is, or at least learn a few party tricks. Well, on this Thursday, the eve of your coming, I feel re-inspired to perform, bewilder and dazzle the senses of my awe-struck audience (Meggie and Denny, that's you). So, be prepared, young children, for an evening of intrigue, marshmallows and singing our hearts out. It shall be!

Waiting with baited breath,
TUTU Fantasia, enchantress extraordinaire

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Social butterflies

Dear Den,

I’m so sorry to hear of your troubles en Allemagne and please let me know if I can do anything to lift your spirits. Commiserate with your pain, I can do. When I was in the 7th grade, I too, was socially ostracized and my mother was forced to sing my sobbing-self to sleep every night for a year. J'exagere pas. Fortunately, I became homecoming queen a few years later – the peak of my popularity thus far – and now, I suppose I fall somewhere just below average in terms of the social spectrum. Some might say I “peaked” in high school and I’d morosely agree. Anyway, chin up, you…If you follow my trajectory, in a few years you just might be riding around in a horse drawn carriage surrounded by scores of praising minions at the Yale-Harvard homecoming match. Game. Whatever the football one is.

Speaking of social behavior, this summer has been an interesting experiment in mixing social circles. I’ve been introduced to Megan’s Wesleyan crowd and she’s taken a dip into the Trinity pool. Just last week, she willingly made the rounds at the ultimate Trinity bar, which shall remain unnamed but rhymes with Bart and Eddies. She was a real hit (preppy dudes are totally bewildered my Mimi and her “alternative” style - who IS this girl with SHORT and BROWN hair they wonder).

A few days later, Megs mentioned that her friends were making a music video down the block from our apartment and needed a few extra girls to participate. Well, I thought, I love attention and I love dance parties, so why the heck not. Call time was 7am, Denny, and I showed up to location – a public park - bright eyed and bushy tailed. Whistling to myself, I entered into a tent full of naked girls who were in the process of being smothered with bright pink body paint. My whistling ceased and I tried my best to backtrack slooooowly out of the tent without anyone noticing but was immediately caught by Megan’s friend, who was a body painter for the day. “Julia! I can’t believe you came! Thank you,” she exclaimed.

“Wow, I can’t believe I came either…So, this is what’s happening?” I inquired, hoping that perhaps my role in the video was of a different, more clothed and less ho-ish nature, then the flock of girls around me. No such luck. I proceeded to strip buck naked, allow two girls to slop pink paint all over my body (yes, I mean all over), put on a fur bikini and feathered head piece and carry around a cage of hipster boys singing electro-pop for 6 hours. I left feeling very sunburned and itchy (body paint is so scratchy, Denny!) but with a slight feeling of accomplishment that I had left my comfort zone and perhaps became popular among a new group. Well, truth be told, none of the girls really liked me, but hey, c’est la vie, mon cherie.

What doesn’t kill you…


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Up and Up

Having begun my career as a temp yesterday, I am really convinced my life is taking a turn for the better. I was certain going in that the Free Masons were a secret society/ cult, and was sorely disappointed when I found no evidence of this. My mission tomorrow is to figure out exactly what it is they do, but this is what I did today:
Drank a cup of coffee
Drank a Diet Coke
Chewed half a pack of gum
Wrote an extensive to do list
Crossed off the things that I had already done
Read four newspapers
Wrote down highlights of each one
listened to Rose tell me about her last ten cats (all of them strays that just showed up at her door!), including names and characteristics. One was named Psycho.
Played who would I date in the office. Decided on the guy who changed the water cooler around four.
Wore heels.
Listened to Rose's commute. It is really long and complicated and about to get worse when her 2nd train changes from express to local.
Did four crossword puzzles. Completed zero crossword puzzles.
Ate in the park. Tanned. Nobody in the office noticed I was more bronzed in the PM than in the AM.
Picked a random person off of the phone list. Sent all calls that I didn't know what to do with to him.
Greg- who goes by the name Grand Master to everyone in the office- told me the scientific reason why girls are always cold and men are not. Until menopause, which his wife is currently suffering from BIG TIME.
Listened to Rose gossip about everyone in the office. Everyone in the office is over 60. I tried to play if each person were a character on Gossip Girl but I got sleepy.
Made note to follow Antonio Cromartie on Twitter to witness first hand his interchange of the letter "c" with the letter "k." Came home and twittered him. Crossed it off my to do list.