Friday, October 30, 2009

Spooky pudding for LUCAS the genius

Mon Cherie,

Quel ete, non? Since I last wrote, I’ve become a temporary employee at some of New York’s finest financial institutions and media groups/a babysitter/a freelance writer (okay, heavy on the middle title). Though my written correspondence has been tenuous, I’ll remind you that I have been in good touch over the phone and just saw you a few weeks ago. You came to New York and we raised a glass for the future Kelley Kelly and then drank un peu trop and ate un peu plus trop and what happened at the end of the night shall stay buried in the most secretest of secret treasure boxes, forever and ever to be sealed. JKJK! DENI, remember that we had a totally private Mexican fiesta of fish tacos and I pocket dialed my dad's cell phone and he was privy to 20 minute of pretty darn private conversation and then just you and I listened to podcasts till 3AM and then had a slumber party!! It was so spesh!!

I have to make this super brief because I am temping today and I keep trying to write this and then keep almost getting busted. WORST. TEMP. EVER. Which is weird, because I have so much experience temping in like 4 different cities. Okay, so really quickly-- I totally understand that girls dress sluttily for Halloween and I've done it one million times and my more mature younger sister just admitted to me that she was "slutty cotton candy" a few years back so obviously every girl does it, blah blah blah. What I don't understand is how girls can wear these costumes to work. We are having an office wide Halloween party in 30 minutes and all these girls are gathering around and there are a bunch of slutty police women, a slutty fire woman and like so much more and it just looks totally weird in the office, no?? And, there are not cute boys around to even impress so I just don't get it.
Oh, Denny, I can't wait to see you this weekend!!

Perdu sans toi,
Julia Andrus Kelly

PS- I am in charge of the telepone switch board and I really wanna grow out my nails longer because its so fun to type in someone's phone extension and then hit TRANSFER if you have big clunky nails!! This temp is going all the way, yo.