Friday, December 18, 2009

The question of L.O.V.E

Dear babe,

Around the holidays, one tends to think about one's loved ones. I have shown my picture of my beloved pup Sammy (RIP) to counting, three people today...and the day is not yet done! In addition, I have found myself engaged in an emotional battle of the heart on none other than gchat. Better yet, my own flesh and blood mother won't return my phone calls because I have historically viewed her as our modern day Santa Claus and begged like a true middle child for more presents. "Is a bed not enough?" she asks me. To which I respond, "mother, please!" and proceed to cry in the middle of the work place about all the things I need because I am too much of a stingy Jew to buy them myself. I think she is starting to think that yoga is making me more selfish. SNORTY SNORT SNORT SNORT i say to that!

Anywho, dear denn, love is really very complicated (or as my new paramour says about EVERYTHING, "it's really intense and complicated.") Megan Marion and I were discussing this subject and thought hey! let's get to the bottom of this crazy little thing called love.

Now all we need is a forum for this discussion, a few avid listeners, and romantic experience. Megan, you bring the ice cream, I'll bring the window to the soul. Den, just be there to listen.


your girl

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PK 09 said...

Nice photo, but I suppose you found it somewhere on the internet, or are you the photographer? I referr to the one saying "LOVE".