Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's official: i have been invited to my "company" holiday xmas party!!!

Dear Den,
Christmas time is coming, and the Chelsea gays could not be happier.
Walking down the street yesterday, me and a fellow pedestrian stopped
to enjoy the same display of handcuffs, topless fire men calendars,
porn and tinsel. He turned to me and smiled, saying “It’s really
beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.” When I walked into Lew’s
apartment, Christmas carols were playing, 117 red and green candles
were ablaze, and where there wasn’t a wreath there were garlands. I
was alarmed about the possibility of a gay fire, but he assured me
that all the candles were more than 1cm from anything flammable. Cozy
with flannel throws and a bottle of wine, we debated between “17
Again” and “My Best Friend’s Girl”, deciding on the latter which we
realized we had both seen on minute in so opted for smoking cigarettes
and talking about gingerbread houses. In the xmas spirit, Claire (who
really is actually Jewish, maybe??) and I have started our first
annual Christmas list. And so it begins:

Spiritual reading from Susan Miller
Spiritual reading from Cheryl Lee Terry
Tickets to the premier of Nine
The war to be over if it’s still happening
Anything related to John Mayer- CD’s, magazine, signed posters, ANYTHING
Functioning heat
A pug for Stella to play with
A French Bulldog for my pug to play with
non alcoholic or functioning alcoholic bf
a desk

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