Thursday, November 19, 2009

Precious, Part V

Precious update, as the details unfold:

At the Tim Burton $5000 a plate dinner. What I wouldn’t give to hear a convo between Prec and TB, on his big night.
Adam and Lew approach her, in ALL her purple taffeta glory. So much gay and so many bowties and sooo much taffeta in one conversation. Again, what I wouldn’t give to be in Prec’s head as the two ‘mos rattled off about how much they loved her and her movie. Adam also lies to (LIES TO!) Precious, telling her Lewie and he had gone to see the movie in Harlem. I mean, the day that Lew steps black patent leather penny loafer into Harlem is the day I stop dating alcoholics. I wish she would come to family dinner on Sunday nights, except Jules would probably slip up and call Stella Precious in front of human Precious.

Denny, see you in Jersey!

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