Thursday, November 12, 2009

Precious Part II

Claire my precious is the new writer and, as per your request ML, I will formally introduce her (to you).

Like the real Precious, Claire grew up in NYC. In fact, not so far from Precious’ home in Harlem, Claire spent her formative years in the Upper West Side. Unlike the real Precious, Claire is skinny and without her father's children.

At 18, Claire moved to Middletown, CT to study at Wesleyan University, “majoring in boys.” Perhaps you remember, Denny, when Claire was convinced that you were in love with her? Well, I remember meeting Claire. She wanted to stab me in my face. Now we are neighbors and both love TV.

1 comment:

megan leafblad said...

Megs you are making me so excited to see Precious and to meet miss Claire. Will she want to stab me in the face too?

Maybe we can all cuddle up in your bed and watch TV on the internet. OR MAYBE even watch Precious together, I am assuming you have already illegally downloaded it on to your computer, right?